Traditional Game Of The Ancients Dakon

Dakon is a traditional game of the Indonesian people, even if the originality of the game is still questionable Dakon this game was once famous for Indonesian children, now this game with Other traditional games were erased by the online game. at the time this particular game in Jawa and Sumatra was as famous as the game online, play a simple game Dakon as its name implies, for international use “Mancala” that comes from the Arabic word “naqala” which means to move.

game played by two people on a wooden board with 16 holes two big holes in the end of the board has become the house, which provides a score of 14 holes on the other side dakonan.comwas filled with beads of the square of the “movement “,” start point “and” stop “was the player area on one side by a player or with the holes in the home players to be” home “game played by moving the ball, giving a pearl in the holes for each “step” through, score a point when it reaches the player basis, he / she must jump skip the enemy “home” if the ball game in the pits with beads from the inside, then the player who take all the pearls in the holes and follow the movement,  until the final movement in an empty hole or home base, marking the end of the round and start the  opponents turn.


Dakon or mancala game was from 7000 to 5000 BC and yet so far played in several countries, this game could be played first to teach arithmetic to children, while modern scientists said that the function of form cognitive function and brain games to train the mind games in memory and problem solving tests.


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